BitFonter - New in Version 3

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All the software typographers ever need to generate, edit, manipulate, convert and explore digital type (fonts).

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New in Version 3

  • BitFonter does Windows! Previous versions of BitFonter were only available for Mac OS X, but now, BitFonter 3 is also available on Windows.
  • Powerful conversion of bitmaps and bitmap fonts from and to Type 1, TrueType and OpenType fonts though integration with FontLab Studio and TypeTool.
  • Improved support for glyph outlines: better outline display, all font outlines can now be imported into BitFonter’s outline layer.
  • Streamlined user interface more compatible with FontLab Studio 5 and TypeTool 3, so switching between the bitmap and the outline font editor is easier.
  • Simplified conversion of scanned lettering or digital photos into fonts through easier handling of image cells and vastly improved algorithms for automatic shape detection, baseline detection and background removal.
  • Faster and more precise image manipulation filters for blurring, softening, sharpening, embossing, adding noise etc.
  • Improved import of various image formats (EPS, TIFF, JPG, PNG, GIF etc.)
  • More creative power with the improved brushes panel, allowing you to store and re-use the most commonly used brushes, new selection modes, new rotation tool and new tools options panel with more options for each tool — so users of Adobe Photoshop will feel at home instantly.
  • Easier, faster, more consistent spacing and kerning through the improved autospacing and autokerning algorithms, the new multiline metrics window with customizable colors and new FontLab Studio-style metrics table, as well as AFM export and import of metrics and kerning.
  • Faster and more reliable file saving using a new BitFonter binary file format (.bfb).
  • Improved support for the innovative Photofont technology, BitFonter 3 opens photofonts almost 10x faster than previous versions.
  • Multiple Unicode codepoints per glyph possible (“double-encoding”).
  • Easier navigation through the glyph repertoire using larger glyph cells and the new glyph index mode.